A video/audio monitoring system that autonomously coaches patients through proper device usage techniques


How InhalerAI™ Works


As the session begins, the InhalerAI system helps the patient get properly positioned in front of sensors (camera, microphone) in order to capture medical device usage and provide real-time monitoring and guidance. It then begins to issue instructions.

How InhalerAI™ Works


Using computer, cameras, and sensors, InhalerAI provides step-by-step instructions and 'listens and watches' while the patient uses the device. If the patient is not using the device properly, real-time guidance on corrective actions is given.

How InhalerAI™ Works


InhalerAI monitors the entire inhaler device usage session and indicates when the session is complete. InhalerAI provides the patient with a summary of the session and, if indicated, sends session data to the health care provider.

How it Works