We are an applied AI/ML company, building multistrategy AI systems for the Healthcare industry.

About cogxvision
our mission
Our mission is building adaptive, multi-strategy AI systems to drive better effectiveness and improve efficiencies throughout the healthcare continuum.
our story
CogxVision is a Carnegie Mellon spinoff and a partner company of Cognistx. We are an applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) company. We apply AI and ML to video, audio and sensor data to develop custom programs, device solutions, training aids and selling tools for the healthcare industry. We have core competencies in video surveillance, interpretation and predictive modeling.

Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

Our co-founder, Dr. Eric Nyberg, is a tenured Professor at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science, and has worked on a broad range of AI applications — automatic language understanding, translation, and generation; advanced information retrieval and ranking; automatic question-answering systems — since the 1980’s. As a member of the original Watson development team, he helped IBM develop a generalized, scalable architecture for multi-strategy question answering systems, as well as specific techniques (e.g. statistical answer scoring, structured/semantic retrieval, statistical source expansion) used by Watson in the Jeopardy! Challenge.
Dr. Alexander G. Hauptmann is a Research Professor in the Language Technologies Institute at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. He has been the leader of the Informedia Digital Library which has made seminal strides in multimedia information retrieval and won best paper awards at major conferences. He was also a founder of the international advisory committee for TRECVID.
At Cogxvision, we take a similar approach to solving customer challenges — we design advanced, multi-strategy AI software systems that deliver optimal combinations of state-of-the-art technologies to achieve desired information system performance.
our core values
Our core values define how we act and treat each other. They factor into our decision-making and into our conversations. They are the heart of our company and how we choose to behave on a daily basis.
Trust, honesty and openness
Our business is small, so our relationships have to be rock solid. We treat each other with respect even when there are differences. We celebrate wins as a team because everyone makes contributions.
Personal integrity and accountability
Our word means something. Being able to count on others is imperative, and delivering on your word is our standard.
Creative problem-solving and perseverance
We see problems as opportunities to get creative. We leverage our collective expertise to develop solutions and leave our egos at the door to make the work better.
Finding meaning in our work
We’re dedicated to finding personal and professional growing edges and exploring how we can operate at a higher level as individuals and as an organization.
Empowering our customers and creating positive change
We’re applying technology to business problems, connecting individuals with information, and delivering data-driven insight to create stronger, healthier, more informed organizations.
our products

Asthma Inhaler Training Solutions

A video/audio monitoring system that autonomously coaches patients through proper device usage techniques


A computer vision system that tracks human and equipment movement within an environment.